About Us


  • Simple

    In today’s crowded supermarkets with their thousands of products, we stand out by offering simplicity. Our meals are easy to recognize, simple to prepare and simply delicious.

  • Authentic

    Authenticity is key. Our focus is the content, not the packaging. We don’t use complicated packaging, just a clear and simple package that shows our meals. We want our customers to know what they are buying, that's our commitment to authenticity. Authenticity can mean different things to different people, but for us, authenticity means it is the true taste. 

  • Enjoyable

    We pride ourselves in surpassing our customers’ expectations. We aim to provide delicious meals that they can enjoy quickly and conveniently – and at the best possible price. Taste and convenience are crucial, but the meal will only be enjoyable if customers really feel they have got their money's worth. 


In 1989, the restaurant Orient Plaza  was founded in Nijmegen, specializing in Oriental meals from various countries. More than five years later, Plaza Foods was established as a subsidiary of what had become Europe's largest Oriental restaurant.

Our growth led to the opening of our first production facility in Wijchen in 2005, followed by a second in Nijmegen in 2016 to meet increasing demand. These facilities have since been merged in Nijmegen, where we now operate in a modern production environment compliant with HACCP and IFS standards, producing over 100,000 meals daily.



Mission and vision
Plaza Foods' mission is to bring healthy and tasty convenience products to the market. Restaurant quality is guaranteed with the wide range of products. Through continuous development and improvement, we strive for the highest quality for an affordable price.
Intensive cooperation is central, in order to build a valuable partnership in this way.

Food to inspire everyone
Plaza Foods wants to inspire consumers with its dishes. Taste in combination with convenience and the right price-quality ratio is paramount.

Responding to the trends in the continuously changing world, the range of products is continuously being developed to make them better quality and tastier. Innovations are central to this.

Love every bite
Every bite, always tasty, from the first to the last, this is what Plaza Foods wants to pass on to the consumer. It is important that there is always and everywhere attention to the small details. After all, details make the difference.



Orient Plaza Food & Services is established in Nijmegen, the Netherlands


Orient Plaza, Europe’s largest Oriental restaurant, opens.


Launch of Plaza Foods – Enjoy restaurant quality, available at your confortable home


Our first production facility opens in Wijchen


Italian range is added as a result of partnerships with Italian chefs


Expansion to Germany & Belgium


Expansion to Great Britain & Ireland


Expansion to Switzerland, Poland & Denmark


Our brand new state-of-the art production facility has opened


 Expansion to France & Sweden


Expansion to Portugal


100.000+ meals produced per day


 Expansion to Spain


Plaza Foods receives award DLG Jährlich Prämiert - long time quality award


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